The 2018-2019 Board of the Library


Name   Department Term Expires
Cathy Pfister, Chair   Ecology and Evolution 2019
Ronald Burt   Chicago Booth 2019
Brodwyn Fischer   History 2020
Joel Isaac   Social Thought 2021
Ryan Kellogg   Harris Public Policy 2020
Alison LaCroix   Law School 2019
Ellen MacKay   English Language and Literature 2021
Mark Webster   Geophysical Sciences 2021
Rachel Wolfson   Pediatrics 2021
Marci Ybarra   School of Social Service Administration 2021
ex officio members:      
Robert J. Zimmer   President  
Daniel Diermeier   Provost  
Daniel Abebe   Vice Provost  
Kevin Boyd   Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Brenda Johnson   Director, University Library  
Garrett Kiely   Director, University Press  


Last Updated: October 19, 2018