Dorian Abbot Geophysical Sciences 2024
Dan Adelman Chicago Booth 2024
Yali Amit Statistics 2024
Lisa Bernstein Law School 2024
Marianne Bertrand Chicago Booth 2025
John Birge Chicago Booth 2025
Matthew Boyle Philosophy 2023
Jane Dailey History 2025
Shannon Dawdy Anthropology 2023
Daisy Delogu Romance Languages and Literature 2024
Bryan Dickinson Chemistry 2023
Greg Engel Chemistry 2023
Eve Ewing Race, Diaspora, and Indigeneity 2024
Robert Gertner Chicago Booth 2023
Adom Getachew Political Science 2023
Alice Goff History 2025
Chuan He Chemistry 2024
Daniel Holz Physics 2025
Paola Iovene East Asian Languages and Civilizations 2023
Eric Jonas Computer Science 2025
Heather Keenleyside English Language and Literature 2023
Chris Kennedy Linguistics 2025
Yamuna Krishnan Chemistry 2025
Patrick La Riviere Radiology 2024
Diane Lauderdale Public Health Sciences 2023
Jonathan Lear Social Thought 2023
Brian Leiter Law School 2025
Darryl Li Anthropology 2024
Daniel Margoliash Organismal Biology and Anatomy 2024
Christine Mehring Art History 2024
Bruce Meyer Harris Public Policy 2024
David Miller Physics 2024
Gina Miranda Samuels Crown Family School 2023
Ivan Moskowitz Pediatrics 2025
Constantine Nakassis Anthropology 2025
Howard Nusbaum Psychology 2023
Julie Orlemanski English Language and Literature 2025
Anne Rogers Computer Science 2023
Na'ama Rokem Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations 2025
Marsha Rosner Ben May Department of Cancer Research 2023
Stuart Rowan Pritzker Molecular Engineering 2024
Haresh Sapra Chicago Booth 2025
Kristen Schilt Sociology 2023
Konstantin Sonin Harris School 2025
Chad Syverson Chicago Booth 2023
Wei-Jen Tang Ben May Department for Cancer Research 2025
Andrei Tokmakoff Chemistry 2025
Harald Uhlig Economics 2024
Kenneth Warren English Language and Literature 2024
David Weisbach Law School 2023
Gabriel Winant History 2024
ex officio members:
Paul Alivisatos President
Katherine Baicker Provost

Last Updated: March 20, 2023