Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure

Excerpted from The Constitution of the College, Addendum, pages 6-9 of the on-line edition and pages 25-27 of the printed version.
Addendum: Rules of Procedure, Committee of the College Council

Rule 1. Meetings
a) The Committee of the College Council shall meet every two weeks during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters, or oftener, at the call of the Dean, the Spokesman, or at the request of any two members of the Committee. The Committee may meet during the Summer Quarter at the call of the Dean, the Spokesman, or at the request of any two members of the Committee.b) The meetings shall be scheduled by the Secretary of the Faculties, and the schedule shall be published and distributed with the calendar of University meetings. The Secretary shall consult with the Dean and the Committee to determine an acceptable time and place for regular meetings and for the special meetings that are called under Rule 1 (a).

Rule 2. Agenda and Matters for Discussion
Any member of the Committee, or the Dean, may initiate matters for discussion, either by supplying agenda items to the Secretary in time for mailing prior to the meeting, or at the meeting as part of new business. The Secretary, after consultation with the Dean and the Spokesman, shall distribute the agenda with meeting reminders prior to regular meetings and for special meetings.

Rule 3. Election of a Spokesman
A Spokesman shall be elected annually by a vote of the elected members of the Committee at the first meeting of the new Committee. The Spokesman shall report to the Council on actions taken by the Committee of the College Council and the votes on motions.

Rule 4. Committee Reports to the College Council
The Committee shall make a report (or progress report) through its Spokesman at each meeting of the Council with respect to each matter referred to it by the Council, and may report on such other matters that the Committee deems expedient.

Rule 5. Minority Reports to the College Council
In addition to the report of the Committee, any member or members of the Committee may present minority views in writing to the Council without derogation to the right of members of the Committee to discuss matters on the floor of the Council.

Rule 6. Preparation and Distribution of Minutes
Minutes shall be kept by the Secretary of the Faculties, who shall attend meetings, and these minutes shall be distributed to members of the Committee. From time to time, the Dean may wish to advise the Committee on confidential matters and by unanimous consent these shall be off the record of minutes.If the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting, his designated deputy shall take minutes on his behalf and transmit minutes and related documents to the Secretary.

Rule 7. Meeting Chairman
The meetings shall be chaired by the Dean. Should the Dean be unable to attend a regular meeting, he shall so advise the Secretary and may designate in such instance as his substitute: an Associate Dean or a Master of a Collegiate Division, or a member of the Committee.

Rule 8. Quorum
A quorum for Committee meetings shall consist of four elected members for actions to be taken. Meetings may be canceled if the Secretary determines that no items for discussion are proposed or pending from previous meetings, or if four elected members indicate inability to attend, or by unanimous consent.

Rule 9. Procedure for Consideration of Subcommittee Reports
When the Committee of the College Council wishes to consider the report of a subcommittee and the chairman of that subcommittee is not a member of the Committee of the College Council, the normal procedure shall be to invite this person to attend that portion of the meeting in question.

Rule 10. Vacancies on the Committee
A vacancy on the Committee shall be declared upon the death, retirement, or resignation of a member. If a member is to be absent from the University for one or more quarters during his term, he shall resign his membership on the Committee. If a member not absent from the University shall be absent from all meetings for one quarter, that member’s seat shall be declared vacant. When a vacancy is declared, the Secretary shall fill it from the list of alternatives determined at Committee election time.

Rule 11. Adoption of Rules of Procedure
Rules of procedure and amendments thereto shall be adopted by vote of the Committee and submitted to the College Council for approval. Rules shall be distributed to all members of the College Faculty.

Rules adopted in Committee on Jan. 27, 1976.
Addition to Rule 6 proposed on Feb. 24, 1976.